About Digital Quill Co.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Digital Quill Co. offers a fresh, creative approach to digital marketing while maintaining your brand's professionalism and individuality. We specialize in comprehensive social media management and rejuvenation, including content creation, logo design & brand management, email campaigns, paid ad management and optimization, and so much more. The world of social media is ever-changing, and we can help your business develop, adapt and thrive to gain the visibility and recognition your brand deserves. As no two businesses are identical, we don't believe marketing initiatives should be copied & pasted across the board, either; we firmly stand by our individualized assessment approach when it comes to identifying your company's social media management and marketing needs so we can achieve the perfect fit for your business.

Whether you're a social media newb or you have a solid handle on the ins and outs of each platform, we offer services to take your marketing initiatives to the next level and save you time while bolstering your digital marketing efficacy, all while becoming almost-professionals in your industry. 😎

In other words, we strive to perform as an extension of your already-awesome team! If you're looking for social media & digital marketing solutions that are tailored to fit your business, please feel free to send us a message to get in touch and see if we'd make a good fit.

Hope to chat soon!

Our Vision

We strive to provide solutions that our clients feel confident about, rather than having to compromise their strategies due to pricing outside of their budget or an inability to capture the true value of their business. We're embracing a world where effective, thoughtful digital marketing solutions are obtainable, even for small businesses.

Community Roots

Raised in Sturgis, I've always been a supporter of our wonderful local businesses. Now, as a small business owner myself, I'm proud to be a member of the Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is a wonderful local business advocacy group and I'm thrilled to be part of their community, supporting and promoting other small businesses in our area.